N1 Post

Welcome to the new N58 blog. This site is connected to N58 Policy Research, a public policy consulting shop. Feel free to check out some of the services that we provide at n58policy.com. 

However, I plan to use this blog to get ideas out there that are not only related to our policy work, but also to explore some more general ideas that I find interesting. 

The name N58 is a tribute to The Federalist Papers and, specifically, essay 58 in which James Madison wrote that the "power of the purse" is "a constitutional and infallible resource" for Congress and especially the House of Representatives. 

In case that wasn't a big enough give away, you should know that budget and appropriations policy are near and dear to me as the former Director of Budget Policy and Deputy Assistant to the President in the White House as well as senior staff of the Senate Budget Committee. 

Therefore, a number of these pages will examine the current budget process and its history, ideas for reform, and its weird or quirky features. My goal is to increase transparency of what is usually a very hidden process that many consider "inside ball" -- how the government budgets, raises and allocates resources, and spends money. 

Transparency and discussion in policy are also very important to me. If you want a primer on what I'm talking about, check out this article that I wrote last summer for the Washington Examiner. This blog will go into these ideas in some depth including why transparency and discussion are important for self government. 

Every once in a while I'll also cover public finance, general economics, anything else that interests me, and may even add a podcast or two. Hope you tune in!